Dispatch: Issue One

Dispatch: Issue One

Description and Overview

B.B. Sunshine's writings and art have appeared in USA Today, MISC, Studio Visit Magazine, Bete Noir, The Adroit Journal, and The Anthologist. Sunshine is also the recipient of a Vermont Studio Center grant for Poetry.

"Your issues of Dispatch are phenomenal. Your words, the art, the colors, they speak to me in a way I haven’t felt in such a long time. You’re a beautiful creature. Thank you for opening the deepest parts of your soul for us to be a part of."

"It's emotional, raw, real verging on the voyeuristic. After reading such an intimate series, it's hard not to consider Sunshine a close friend."

"AS AN EXTREME UNDERSTATEMENT, I LOVED IT!!! Many aspects of it all as a whole just really hit me on a personal level. (The In Between) spiritually defines where I am in life right now. (Gown) was quite beautiful! The imagery was profound for a poem with that little of words! The whole setup of the book itself, how you’ve carefully placed bits of artwork here and there to coincide with the excerpts of texts, so aesthetically pleasing. I literally have nothing negative or critical to say about this. It was truly amazing."

"I identified with the raw emotions exhibited in the writing and the photography complements the text so subtly. Loved the concept of mashing up the media. Looking forward to the next book."

"With emotions in hand, the author conveys his soul and bares it for the public eye. It is indie books likes this that we should be looking for."

"I love it! Every single page. Sunshine's writing is very evocative and the art was quite moving and I just love the whole thing!"

DISPATCH is the new original art and writing series created by New York based creator B.B. Sunshine featuring only work that has been conjured by his strange mind and filthy hands. Every book is an intimate, darkly beautiful blend of photography, poetry, drawings, prose, and surprises based on the real life of Mr. Sunshine. With words and images taking you through a unique emotional experience that will stay with you long after the final page.


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