Mischief and Magic: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance Collection

Mischief and Magic: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance Collection

Description and Overview

Fall in love amidst the twilight between worlds.

Brave the evil and embrace the happily ever after with this limited edition collection of enchanting paranormal romances. Dance beneath the glow of the full moon with sensual shifters and stalk the dark corners of the night with sinful vampires. Revel in the pursuit as the hunter becomes the hunted, and shadows make the supernatural tremble.

Ten talented authors bring together voodoo casters, witches, ghosts, and more in this captivating anthology sure to seduce you with mischief and magic.

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With stories from...
USA Today bestselling author Heather Marie Adkins
USA Today bestselling author Carly Fall
USA Today bestselling author J.N. Colon
USA Today bestselling author Tricia Barr
USA Today bestselling author Mary Abshire
Candace Sams
April Canavan
Casey Hagen
Erica Gerald Mason

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Heather Marie Adkins, Jennifer Laslie, K. Laslie, Brittany White, Victoria Escobar, Ava Lynn Wood, Kolin Gates
Tara West, R G Porter, P J Jones, M Edward McNally, Alan Nayes, Emma Jameson, Heather Marie Adkins
M. Edward McNally, Lizzy Ford, Heather Marie Adkins, PJ Jones, Alan Nayes, Julia Crane, Shea MacLeod, Talia Jager, Jack Wallen
Talia Jager, P.J. Jones, Julia Crane, Lizzy Ford, M. Edward McNally, Jack Wallen, Shéa MacLeod, Alan Nayes, Heather Marie Adkins

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