The Visiting Fairy

The Visiting Fairy

Description and Overview

A mystical, magical, touching short read for fans of Urban Fantasy, Stephen King and shows like The Twilight Zone. Also published in the Nov. 2, 2018 issue of THE LADY MAGAZINE, London, England.


Little Adam Matheson isn't like other kids he knows -- he's never been able to walk, run, play and even travel. However, more than anything, he yearns to see snow falling, to feel it on his skin and scoop it with his hands.

For quite a while, he's been regularly visited by someone who teaches and shows him things most people in the world are not privy to, and his sister, Isabella, although she thinks his stories are nothing more than fairy tales or wishful thinking, lends him an attentive ear each time.

Something remarkable ultimately occurs which changes their little family's life forever. But the question is: Is it a good thing or is it an event laden with regret?

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