The Hinky Brass Bed (Hinky Chicago Book 1)

The Hinky Brass Bed (Hinky Chicago Book 1)

Description and Overview

What if your new bed is possessed by a demon who has to satisfy you every night? Will you sell it? Keep it forever? Or try to free the demon?

Fraud cop Jewel Heiss expects to bust a con artist when she schedules an “intimacy therapy nap” on the crook’s so-called “treatment bed.” She expects a quick, clean bust. She certainly doesn’t think she’ll find anything hinky.

Then she meets the demon. Randy.

Randy sweeps her into ecstasy in demonspace before she realizes she isn’t dreaming. She’s won the incubus lottery—Randy is devoted to her for life. Now he’s haunting her bed. She knows she should set him free. But how? And does she really want to?


This book was originally published as The Brass Bed.

"More fun than pillow fighting naked"
–Vicki Lewis Thompson, author of Talk Nerdy To Me and Overhexed

"fun urban investigative romantic fantasy"
–Harriet Klausner ****

"Jennifer Stevenson puts her own magical stamp on Chicago while creating a ... steamy and wildly imaginative fantasy."
—Chicago Tribune

"A perfect meld of humor, fantasy, and sex. Jewel Heiss is a the sassy heroine I want to grow up to be!"
–Cecilia Tan, publisher of Circlet Press

“bawdy, often flat-out hilarious”
—Jerome Ludwig, The Chicago Reader

"It's fun, funny and fascinating. It kept me laughing and smiling."
–Candy Beauchamp "CandysRaves" ****

"Supernatural ... tender, smart-ass, surprising, and funny as hell."
–Nalo Hopkinson, author of Brown Girl in the Ring

"It's witty, it's zany, I read it on the train and spent a happily distracted time. ... I found the characters delightful, the dialogue zinging, and the fast-paced leap from outrageous situation to outrageous situation refreshing."
–Kyle Cassidy *****

“Funny, frisky, and far out! Jennifer Stevenson’s writing is naughty and irresistible.”
–Julie Kistler, author of Scandal

"Jennifer Stevenson's The Brass Bed is hip, hot, and highly imaginative. I want the sequel. (And I want the bed.)"
–Harley Jane Kozak, author of Dating Dead Men

"An out-and-out winner–fun characters, rollicking story, and fantastic sex! Stevenson has harvested the beautiful metaphors of her past work, putting them to excellent service in this wacky tale. If Jasper Fforde wrote sizzling ... scenes, they would read like Stevenson's Brass Bed! Bravo!"
–Mindy Klasky, author of Single Witch's Survival Guide and Catching Hell

"Once you get into The Brass Bed, you won't ever want to get out."
–Phil and Kaya Foglio, Studio Foglio

"The Brass Bed is deliciously naughty and has all the makings of a great summer read. Witty ... and highly imaginative, this novel is prefect for those lazy weekend afternoons or those hot summer nights. It opens with a bang and ends with a sizzle."
–Sprinkles ****

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