The Portal and the Panther (YA Fantasy Series, Guardians of the Portal Book 1)

The Portal and the Panther (YA Fantasy Series, Guardians of the Portal Book 1)

Description and Overview

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Shapeshifters. Parallel universes. A desperate fight for survival...

Jon Parker never wanted to save the world; he just wants to graduate high school and escape his sleepy Arkansas hometown. But everything changes on the day Jon stumbles into the boys’ bathroom and transforms into a panther. As if that wasn’t enough, Jon discovers he’s one of an elite few tasked with protecting our world against invaders from other dimensions.

Destiny’s knocking on Jon’s door. But will he open it, or simply walk away?

The Portal and the Panther is the first in a trilogy of young adult science fiction / fantasy novels. Filled with action-packed fight scenes, three-dimensional characters, and a touch of romance, The Portal and the Panther will suck you in from page one and won't let go until the last page.

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About Guardians of the Portal, a YA Fantasy Series

Psychics. Shifters. Genetic engineering. Aliens. Superpowers. Parallel universes. This young adult sci-fi / fantasy series has it all.

The Portal & the Panther is the first book in the young adult contemporary fantasy series, the Guardians of the Portal. This book and its sequel, The Girl Between Worlds, are available for free here: The third book, The Rook & the King completes the trilogy.

Each book follows the story through the eyes of one of the three main teen characters -- Portal is narrated by Jon Parker, a high school jock with family issues and a chip on his shoulder; Girl is narrated by Jon's childhood best friend Kristin Krull, a cheerleader who's struggling with her own issues (and feelings for Jon); Rook's narration alternates between Jon and Layla Sampson, the "good girl" of the bunch.

The series takes readers to parallel universes, introduces despicable villains with X-Men-like superpowers, and shows that superheroes can sometimes be found where you least expect them.

What Readers Are Saying

"I don't often read shapeshifter/fantasy adventure books, but The Portal and the Panther won me over with its incredible heart. This book isn't just about magical realism and exciting fight scenes - though it certainly has those elements too!... Real world problems one page, shapeshifting ones the next, all sprinkled with great humour and a few heart-tugging scenes that take the reader even deeper... The teen characters have real challenges to face and choices to make, and they're memorable enough that they stay with you long after the book is put down." - JH Price

"Shapeshifters, aliens, high school drama, danger, laughs - what else do you want? The story is told through Jon, who finds out pretty quickly he's not your average high school kid, and Layla is there to help him 'adjust'. Jon and Layla are both engaging characters with well-defined personalities. Jon has already been through a lot at home and at school, but it's just the beginning!" - Jim Window

"Jon is a loveable and loyal main character who struggles to survive high school before this mess. He has few friends and an absentee father. Saving the world on top of it would be more than most teenagers could bear. Like most of us, he fumbles his way through the nuances of his life with heart and charm. I was riveted to my seat through this adventure, waiting to see what would happen next. Small town life never looked so interesting before this." - Julie Angel

Guardians of the Portal eBook Categories

- Young adult fantasy series
- Contemporary fantasy
- Coming of age fantasy
- Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age
- Teen & Young Adult Science Fiction

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