Rock Notes (The Heartbeat Series Book 1)

Rock Notes (The Heartbeat Series Book 1)

Description and Overview

Writer Madison Tierney's husband suddenly walked out on their ten-year marriage, destroying her. On her own, she slowly tries to rebuild her life. When the opportunity to write a book about a local band, Rolling Isaac's, comes her way, she jumps on it.

What she hadn't expected, though, was to fall for the lead singer, several years her junior.
Max Rand is no stranger to tragedy, and it has ripped his heart to pieces. Believing he has no love left to give, he settles for groupies and one night stands--until Madison walks into his life.

Two lost individuals, scared to reach out to one another, writing words they can't speak. Madison's feelings are penned in secret love letters, while Max's are poured into his lyrics.

Can these two empty souls feel love again?
Will what ignites between them simply fade away after the concert lights dim?

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